Produit - Study of a 3-way valve

  • Study of a 3-way valve

Study of a 3-way valve

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The three-way valve is omnipresent in thermal installations and more specifically in heating systems whether individual or collective


They are part of control loops and used to deliver the amount of energy required by the system to compensate for disturbances.


Their bad choice of authority (given by the Cv) or poor balancing (a branch is favored) are often the cause of poor regulation.


The common installation case is shown on this bench, i.e. a seat/plug three way valve in mixing position for which student can evaluate Cv, authority, balance and its regulation.


The installation is built in anodized aluminum profiles on directional castors with brake.

When equipment has been filled with water, only an electric supply is needed.

All experiments can be performed without any other instrument.