Produit - Study of a cooling tower

  • Study of a cooling tower

Study of a cooling tower

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The equipment consists of an anodised aluminium structure which is raised on feet to allow installation on table.

The unit is connected to an electricity supply and is filled with water using a container. During the experiment, the water tank can be filled without the need to turn off the machine and the top-up is controlled automatically.

The student works alone or in pairs to start-up the machine and enter the settings (temperature, water flow and air flow) and to take temperature, relative humidity and water consumption measurement for each set point value.

During the experiment, it is possible to change the packing in the tower as well as the type of spray nozzle.

The student can then compare his results to theoretical expectations.

The user interface is touch screen type which displays several pages. The functioning of various elements within the unit is controlled via a representative diagram. One page gives the measurement information (temperature, humidity), another informs the user in the event of a problem (lack of water, excessive temperature, excess current, etc.).

A PLC controls temperature and air flow and all analogue and digital measurements are recorded.