Produit - Subsonic helicoid fan

  • Subsonic helicoid fan

Subsonic helicoid fan

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• Evaluation of an helicoid fan

• Fan specifications and curves

Curve flow/pressure versus motor speed, according to inlet & outlet pressures

• Motor electrical active power measurement, efficiency calculation.

• Pressure drop determination using u-tubes with water column : multi-manometer measuring static pressures

• Speed measurement with Pitot’s tube – Average flow determination – study of Bernoulli's law

• Identification of the aerodynamic lines


• Helicoid fan - maximum flowrate : 9000 m3/h, total pressure 300Pa. Wheel Ø300mm, 12 blades.

• Fan motor 2,2KW – 3 phases.

• Motor speed controller of the fan

• Pressures drop, rotation speed & active power are indicated

• Butterfly valve at the outlet of the fan to adjust the flow & increase the pressure inside the air duct

• Pitot’s Tube in Y & Z axes , with y et z axes, graduated scale fixed on the air duct in steel with a part in transparent plexiglass and the other part in polypropylene (the convergent)