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  • Pelton turbine study unit

Pelton turbine study unit

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- The installation is built on an alumunium profiles frame on castors. One side shows the Pelton wheel behind a  transparent housing.

- Once the equipment is filled with water and connected to electrical network, the unit can be run very easily and the user intuitively controls manually the process by action on the flowrate, the pressure or by the consummed electric power.

- Optional automatic control valve can be added to stabilize the flowrate or the pressure during experiments.

- The consummed power can be adjusted by the use of an inverter on the synchrone motor that loads the turbine at specific rotation speed. Energy dissipation is carried out on electrical resistances.

- All parameters can be adjusted to draw characteristic curves of Pelton turbine.

- Process control and measurements are done by the use of a PLC linked to a color touch screen HMI. Data acquisition on SD card is included.